Villaris Self Defense Center

Welcome to Villari's Self Defense Center, America's foremost martial arts center, providing a fun, friendly atmosphere of martial arts training to help all our students reach their full potential as they move forward in life.


Our Mission: To provide every man, woman, and child the highest quality of martial arts training so that they become empowered to live richer, more rewarding & meaningful lives, and in so doing, contribute to a stronger community.                                                               



Who should study at Villari's?


"It's for the man or woman who wants to learn Martial Arts for their

own self-fullfillment, self-improvement, and self-confidence."





 "Our exclusive teaching system for Martial Arts
training will safely exercise you physically and mentally - regardless of age, current fitness, and shape."

- Fred Villari 

Great-Grandmaster and 12th Degree Black Belt 



Children's Classes:

Our children's classes focus on building life skills such as:

  1. Respect for others
  2. Self-control to be aware of behavior and actions
  3. Self-discipline to learn to do the right things on their own
  4. Effort-learning to work hard and always give it their best

 Their confidence will grow as they learn to protect themselves and have the courage to speak up for others.


For the Adults:

Want to burn calories, tone muscles, learn to defend yourself, or focus more on the mental benefits of martial arts training? We have the program for you.


So come on... join us today!


Sign up for a program at Villari's. In just a few weeks, you'll see positive changes in your muscle tone, strength, balance, flexability - and overall outlook on life. You'll feel better, gain self-confidence and renewed enthusiasm. Our classes are small, friendly and relaxed, and out instructors are helpful and supportive. check out our current offer


Private or group lessons are available to fit your schedule. Choose from our special classes, practice sessions, and workouts on weekdays, evenings, or Saturdays. Check out our "Class Schedule" to see what times & day are right for you. Please call 717.975.2111 for more details.