Leopard cubs (ages 4-6)  Our leopard cub program works on the childrens motor skills, balance, and begins to help teach social interactions with other children, while also teaching them to follow rules and directions.  Our main approach with the students is learning through fun activities.  Students in this age group earn belt advancement through a graduation ceremony in front of their parents by demonstrating certain skills that they learn based on their current belt rank.


Juniors (ages 7-11) Students who are enrolled or move up from leopard cubs into this program begin to train in a more structured martial arts program.  Our main focus for this group is geared around developing focus and concentration, improving their physical fitness, and to begin building self-defense skills that are suited to their age.  Another important part of this group is our CODE OF CHARACTER PROGRAM.  This program is aimed at teaching and building the foundation of

-Respect:  Treating others as you would like to be treated.

-Self-Discipline:  To do the things you know you should without having to be told.

-Self-control:  To control ones actions to fit the situation.

Classes use a variety of controlled drills to both make the learning fun and develope the skills listed above.


Teens (ages 12-16)  This class begins the transition between older children and adults.  The classes focus more on learning belt rank related material, developing self-defense skills, improving physical fitness, and adherance to protocol and personal conduct.  The required learning material places upon the student the responsibility to come to class and focus on learning then going home to follow up with practice for improvement.  Testing for higher rank requires the student to demonstrate a basic understanding of learnt material through demonstration, with an emphasis on continuouse improvement of earlier material.  The code of character program is also part of the teens program.


Adults (ages 17 and up)  Looking to burn up some calories? Wanting to learn self-defense skills?  Looking for an activity after a long day of work?  Our adult program will work for you.  Since there are many reasons people train in martial arts we gear the program for what your looking for.  Through training in various Kata (forms) you will begin to burn calories, tone muscle, and help reduce the stress built up from a long day of work.  Our focus is on Self-defense but the classes are structured to allow you to learn and practice without the fear of being beaten to a pulp.


Private lessons  Please contact the studio for more information on private and/or self defense classes for yourself or groups.  Makes a great workplace activiity.






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